Last October we announced that the "Put your Club Online" (PYCO) blog/website would be moved to a  new website.  It has taken a few months of research and work to turn that dream into a reality.

Welcome to "Put Your Club Online" at

This announces our official launch effective March 15, 2013.  We are pleased to welcome you to our new Put Your Club Online website.

The 10 cent tour - what you will find

What happened to PYCO on

The Put Your Club Online with Blogger website remains and will updated over the new few days with fresh versions of our articles.  We will be adding new articles with videos to provide a tour and tutorials on how to use the new administration panel in Blogger.

We are looking for some help

We are looking for some help if you can spare the time and are interested in contributing:

Please leave a comment

We wouold really like to get your first impressions on our site, so please leave a comment with your ideas and suggestions on how we can improve our new home.
Real Brazil
12/6/2015 02:15:23 am

our club keep decipline as the key to success

12/5/2020 10:32:33 pm

Great reead thanks


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